In League of Legends, there are all kinds of champions. Humans, yordles, darkins, insectoids, minotaurs, magical cats, enchanters, mages, marksmen, shapeshifters, drunkards… you name it. But unfortunately, we don’t have too many LoL champions with swords. In fact, there are only 14 champions in League of Legends that use swords to fight their enemies.

It’s weird to think that a game with over 150 characters has only 14 that use swords as weapons. After all, the sword and board playstyle is one of the most popular ones in the gaming world. 

However, knights with swords and shields aren’t too popular in League. And actually, Leona is the only character in League of Legends that wields a sword and a shield. Most of the champions on this list use a two-handed weapon or simply one-handed swords. 

In any case, let’s see who uses swords in League of Legends!

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All LoL Champions with Swords – a List

Aatrox, Fiora, and Garen with their swords in LoL

Aatrox, The Darkin Blade

When we think of swords in LoL, the first champion that comes to mind is Aatrox. Aatrox is one of the darkin, a race of powerful entities.

Now, Aatrox was a defender of Shurima before he was corrupted and defeated by magic. Aatrox’s body was destroyed, but he managed to transfer his essence in his sword. And actually, Aatrox is the sword we see, not the body. The body of Aatrox in LoL is just a vessel – the sword commands it.

The obvious similarity here is Kayn and his weapon. His scythe is actually Rhaast, the darkin that takes over Kayn when he chooses the red form. In Aatrox’s case, there’s no other form. It’s only the sword!

Fiora, The Grand Duelist

Fiora comes from the Laurent family, one of the best warriors from Demacia. But she isn’t just a fighter – she’s one of the best duelists in Runeterra. 

Fiora uses a rapier, which is a sleek double-edged sword with a sharp point. And all of Fiora’s abilities in-game are centered around this blade. She uses her rapier to strike enemies, reveal their fatal points, and block their harmful abilities.

Some skins replace Fiora’s rapier for another weapon. For example, Headmistress Fiora uses a ruler, and Pool Party Fiora uses a rubber sword toy.

However, Fiora is one of the champions that use swords in LoL.

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Garen, The Might of Demacia

Speaking of Demacia, Garen is the second champion from that region that uses a sword. His weapon is large and massive but quite suitable for a warrior such as Garen. Garen also fights for the honor of Demacia and to protect its citizens.

Aside from his W, all of Garen’s abilities require his swords. His Q directly strikes his target while his E slashes all enemies around him. His ultimate is the strongest attack because it deals true damage.

It’s speculated that Garen’s sword is called Justice (his ultimate is Demacian Justice), but this hasn’t been confirmed.

Gangplank, Leona, and Kayle with their swords in LoL

Gangplank, The Saltwater Scourge

From Bilgewater, we have Gangplank, the pirate! And as a faithful pirate, Gangplank uses a pistol and a short sword. He combines 

An interesting fact about Gangplank’s sword is that it can set enemies on fire. If you read Gangplank’s passive, it says that his auto-attacks periodically burn his target for extra damage. But we don’t know how this actually works, whether Gangplank uses something to alight his sword or the weapon is simply magical.

In any case, Gangplank is one of the few champions with both a sword and a pistol in LoL.

Kayle, The Judicator

Next on the list is Kayle. You don’t typically think of Kayle as a champion with a sword, simply because she’s ranged and deals most of her damage from afar. True, she starts the game as a melee, but she becomes a ranged champion as she gains levels.

All of Kayle’s attacks come from her sword. Even when she gains maximum range, she swings her sword to send waves of holy energy that damage her opponents. 

It’s interesting to think that Kayle needs a sword to fight while her sister Morgana doesn’t use any weapon, just magic. Who knows, maybe even Morgana had a magical sword too.

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Leona, The Radiant Dawn

As the only sword and board champion in the game, Leona is truly special. And her abilities require both her sword and shield.

For example, Leona points her sword to her enemy when she casts her E. Similarly, she raises her sword toward the sun when she casts her ultimate. 

On the other hand, Leona’s Q is called Shield of Daybreak, and she literally bashes her target with her shield. For her W, she raises her shield in front of her and calls the magical barrier around her.

Anyway, Leona is cool, and we definitely need more champions like her in League of Legends!

Master Yi, Riven, and Samira with their swords in LoL

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Master Yi, The Wuju Bladesman

Master Yi is one of the most popular LoL champions when it comes it using swords. After all, his epithet is The Wuju Bladesmen. He is an Ionian master at using swords to obliterate your enemies, which he proves in-game.

Master Yi’s sword can deal true damage, and this is called Wuju Style. Wuju Style is the primary source of Yi’s damage and can simply be activated by pressing the E button. But Master Yi also uses his sword to quickly slice multiple enemies with his Q – Alpha Strike.

Before Yasuo and Yone were added to the game, Master Yi was the only samurai champion in League of Legends.

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Riven, The Exile

Like Aatrox, Riven has a special connection with her sword. Riven is a master swordsman that uses a runic blade to fight her enemies. And runic blades are more powerful than regular swords. However, Riven’s runic blade is broken, as it’s evident from her in-game appearance.

Aside from her E, all of Riven’s moves include her sword. And once she activates her ultimate – Blade of the Exile, she reforges her runic blade, making it complete. During this effect, Riven wields this beautiful magic sword that deals unbelievable damage.
It’s really… broken

Samira, The Desert Rose

Samira is the only marksman champion in LoL that uses a sword. Of course, it isn’t her only weapon. And just like Gangplank, she has a gun too. When Samira is in ranged form, she uses her gun. But when she enters her melee form, she switches up her weapon of choice and uses her large sword instead.

The most notable ability involving her sword is Samira’s W – Blade Whirl. This is where Samira slashes around her, destroying all projectile spells and auto-attacks in the process. In melee form, her Q also does a slashing strike in a cone in front of her.

And that’s why Samira is among the LoL champions with swords!

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Shen, Tryndamere, and Viego with their swords in LoL

Shen, Eye of Twilight

When we think of Shen, we usually think of the beefy top lane ninja that mostly defends his allies. However, Shen has one of the coolest swords in League of Legends!

Shen’s weapon is technically a Spirit Blade. He is permanently connected with this blade and can always recall it to him, regardless of where the sword is. This also works in League of Legends. The Spirit Blade lingers in one direction, and Shen can recall it with his Q, upon which he deals bonus damage with his auto-attacks.

Tryndamere, The Barbarian King

Tryndamere is the greatest warrior from Freljrod. He is a savage when it comes to the art of sword fighting, yet he wins nearly all of his fights. Rage empowers Tryndamere, including his sword technique. 

In League of Legends, Tryndamere uses only his sword to fight his enemies. This doesn’t involve complicated maneuvers but brutal strikes that destroy his targets. Tryndamare can also cut his enemies with his weapon while spinning, which is impressive.

Viego, The Ruined King

Undoubtedly, Viego has the coolest sword in League of Legends. One thing that makes his Blade of the Ruined King so special is that we could buy the item in-game years and years before Viego was released as a champion in LoL!

Back then, we didn’t know that the sword was so large and glowed in the green color of the Ruination. But Viego is the true owner of the sword and carries it around with ease.

 Check this video on how you can make Viego’s sword at home!

Yone & Yasuo with their swords in LoL

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Yasuo, The Unforgiven

If Master Yi was the first samurai in League of Legends, Yasuo became the samurai. He’s fast, agile, smart, and uses his katana sword with incredible skill and precision.

Yasuo combines his sword skills with the wind around him. He’s able to conjure tornados out of thin air and summon wind walls to protect him from his enemies. 

Yasuo has many different moves and techniques when it comes to using his sword. He can stab someone, slash around, and perform his “Sorye ge ton!” while the target is in the air.

All in all, Yasuo is one of the best LoL champions that use swords!

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Yone, The Unforgotten

And we can’t talk about Yasuo’s swordsman skills without mentioning Yone! Yone was actually killed in a duel against Yasuo, and he’s now in his “undead” form.

Unlike Yasuo, Yone uses two blades – a Steel Sword and an Azakana Sword. His steel sword is grey and deals basic physical damage. But his Azakana sword is red and deals bonus magic damage on each auto-attack.

Yone has many similar moves to Yasuo, but he uses Spirit Magic too. However, he is also no stranger to the wind technique since he can send gusts of wind forward to knock up his enemies.

Those were all the champions with swords in LoL!

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