You may think that there are tons of champions in LoL that use guns. After all, every marksman shoots stuff at you. However, out of 150+ characters in League of Legends, only 14 champions use guns to fight their enemies.

This shouldn’t seem so strange once you take into consideration that there are all kinds of champions in League. Humans, yordles, vastaya, champions with void magic, champions with fire magic, champions with regular guns, champions with magical guns… the list can go on forever.

And so, when someone shoots stuff at you in League, it’s not always bullets. But the case is similar to the 14 champions that use swords in League of Legends. You could swear that there are more.

In any case, let’s check out all the champions in LoL that use guns as weapons!

All LoL Champions with Guns – A Complete List

Champions with Guns - Akshan, Aphelios, Caitlyn

1. Akshan

Riot Games describes Akshan’s gun as the “legendary death-reversing weapon”. That’s probably the best characteristic that Akshan has as a champion. And it’s all because of his gun.

Akshan uses his gun to perform basic attacks and to deal an immense amount of damage with his ultimate – Comeuppance. But he also has other weapons, such as the boomerang on his Q and the rope on his E. 

However, Akshan’s gun is his main weapon and a key feature of his champion identity.

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2. Aphelios

If you’re looking for a “gun champion” in League, Aphelios is your guy. And he doesn’t just have one gun or a rifle. Aphelios has 5 different guns that he uses in each game of League of Legends.

What’s special about Aphelios’ guns is that all of them are fantasy weapons with unique design and gameplay features. One gun allows him to deal AoE damage and another to spawn small turrets that damage his opponents.

Aphelios’ guns change how he approaches each situation in LoL. Swapping between the different guns also means different abilities for him to use. And he’s the only champion like that in League.

Here are the 5 guns that Aphelios uses:

  • Calibrum
  • Crescendum
  • Gravitum
  • Infernum
  • Severum

3. Caitlyn

Caitlyn is one of the oldest champions in League that uses guns. But her weapon of choice isn’t just a simple gun. Caitlyn uses a hextech rifle to deal damage to her enemies. And she calls it Peacemaker.

One fun thing that we can clearly see on Caitlyn’s rifle is that it has 3 scopes. Maybe they help her aim better, which is definitely something the champion is known for in League too. 

However, we also saw how skilled Cait is at aiming and shooting down opponents in Arcane, so I don’t think that her power comes entirely from Peacemaker.

Champions with Guns - Gangplank, Graves, Jhin

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4. Gangplank

Unlike Caitlyn, Gangplank isn’t known for his sharpshooting abilities. On the contrary, he’s a mad pirate that uses both a gun and a sword to overpower his opponents. 

While his sword is mostly for auto-attacking, Gangplank uses his gun through his Q and R abilities. His ultimate – Cannon Barrage is one of the most powerful global ultimates in LoL. Once activated, GP shoots his gun and deals massive amounts of AoE damage anywhere on the map.

Because of this, Gangplank’s gun is often called “Hand Cannon” or “The Leviathan”.

5. Graves

Graves is another popular champion in League and his gun is infamous. It’s a “two-headed” rifle that deals AoE damage and pushes back the enemies hit (except champions).

But Graves’ gun has a unique mechanic that no other champion has on Summoner’s Rift. It can only shoot 2 times before he needs to reload it with more bullets. And unlike other weapons in LoL, this rifle can only hit the first enemy in line.

Graves’ gun is called New Destiny. In the past, it was simply called “Destiny” as a mark of closeness to Twisted Fate (his ultimate is also called Destiny). But after the events of the Burning Tides, Graves went on a new destiny for himself and his gun.

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6. Jhin

Jhin has one of the most interesting guns in League of Legends. On the surface, it’s just a simple gun with only 4 bullets. However, Jhin’s gun is called Whisper and it’s a magical hextech gun.

During his ultimate, Jhin uses a hextech accelerator to assemble Whisper into its full form – a large sniper-like rifle that deals a lot of damage. Once the ability ends, Whisper continues to be a pistol-like weapon for Jhin.

Jhin’s mechanic of 4 bullets/auto-attacks only is fantastic. And Jhin himself is often described as the best champion that Riot Games has ever designed for League.

Champions with Guns - Jinx, Lucian, Kled

7. Jinx, The Loose Cannon

Jinx is no stranger to guns, pistols, rifles, explosives, or similar devices. After all, we saw how crafty she can really be in Arcane. And if one thing’s for sure – Jinx loves her guns.

Jinx technically has 3 guns that she regularly uses in League of Legends – 2 rifles and 1 pistol. 

Her primary rifle is called Pow-Pow and it’s her machine gun. Fishbones is the second rifle that she swaps to when she uses her Q. This rifle uses rockets instead of bullets and it’s the one that shoots Jinx’s ultimate – Super Mega Death Rocket!

And finally, Jinx’s pistol is called Zapper and it’s the one that produces her W. She also has chompers that root her enemies, but they don’t come from a gun.

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8. Lucian, The Purifier

Lucian is the original gunslinger of League of Legends. He’s the first champion that Riot Games introduces with the double-shot mechanic. And there’s a good reason for that.

Lucian uses two pistols. They’re actually “twin pistols” that come with a rich heritage and are passed down from generation to generation. 

One of Lucian’s pistols is his father’s and the other is Senna’s. And he uses them to claim vengeance on all those who have wronged him (mainly Thresh).

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9. Kled, The Cantankerous Cavalier

Kled isn’t a renowned gunslinger in League of Legends, but he does use a gun occasionally.

Kled uses a pocket pistol when he’s not mounted on Skaarl. It helps him deal damage from afar when he’s vulnerable. It also allows him to dash back in the opposite direction of the bullet shot.

Kled’s pistol is his secondary weapon while the primary one is a blade.

Champions with Guns - Miss Fortune, Samira, Senna

10. Miss Fortune, The Bounty Hunter

Miss Fortune has one of the most powerful guns in League of Legends. They’re tied to all of MF’s damaging abilities. They deal single-target and AoE damage without a problem.

The 2 pistols that Miss Fortune uses have 3 heads each. This comes pretty handily when she activates her ultimate and pentakills everyone in front of her.

What are Miss Fortune guns called? They’re called “Shock and Awe”.

These guns were initially crafted by MF’s mother for Gangplank. But Gangplank killed MF’s family and destroyed the pistols. Later, Miss Fortune rebuilt them and brought herself glory.

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11. Samira, The Desert Rose

Samira is one of those champions in League that can do pretty much everything. She’s both a gun and a sword champion, pretty much like Gangplank. But unlike him, Samira has two pistols and one blade.

And what’s interesting about Samira is that she uses her pistols only in her ranged form. As soon as she enters melee form, she uses her sword for nearly all attacks. 

That is, of course, without counting her ultimate which uses both of Samira’s pistols to deal massive AoE damage.

12. Senna, The Redeemer

Many players don’t know that the design of Senna actually began with her gun. And it’s definitely the key characteristic when we look at this champion and the gameplay it introduces.

Senna’s rifle is a Relic Cannon. It’s stated that Senna crafted this gun from the weapons of the fallen while being imprisoned in Thresh’s lantern. 

In any case, Senna’s Relic Cannon is a powerful weapon that deals a lot of damage in League of Legends, even as a support. It also has a global ultimate attached to it which is awesome. 

Champions with Guns - Tristana, Zeri

13. Tristana, The Yordle Gunner

Tristana is another go-to marksman that people play when they want some boom-boom action. This champion is explosive and deals massive amounts of damage. And funnily enough, Tristana’s gun is called Boomer.

Boomer is the central power source of Tristana. The more levels Tristana gets the higher the range of her gun is. She can also increase her attack speed to shoot it faster and perform large attacks such as her ultimate – Buster Shot.

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14. Zeri, The Spark of Zaun

Undoubtedly, Zeri has one of the most unique guns in League of Legends. It’s an assault rifle that shoots electricity instead of traditional bullets. And unlike other guns in LoL, it can be powered to spray the enemy and deal tons of damage.

Zeri is the only champion in the game that auto-attacks with her Q. This is because her basic attack is a skill shot and needs to be aimed.

And as Senna, Zeri’s champion design began with her gun, not with her character.


There are many champions in League of Legends that use gun-like weapons but aren’t technically guns. For example, Twitch’s weapon of choice is a crossbow, even though it has a handle of a rifle. 

In any case, those are the 14 champions with confirmed guns as weapons on Summoner’s Rift.

If you like to read more about Senna’s and Zeri’s designs you can check the links below. They talk a bit more about their guns.

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