We can add commas to a number in JavaScript by using the JavaScript toLocaleString() method.

var num = 1234;
var commaNum = num.toLocaleString();

When working with numbers in JavaScript, many times you need to format those numbers a certain way. One such situation is if you want to add commas to numbers in your program or application.

In JavaScript, we can easily add commas to a number by using the toLocaleString() method.

Here is our code again with some examples.

var num1 = 1234;
var num2 = 2434532.106;
var num3 = -238445;
var num4 = 203200932020;

var commaNum1 = num1.toLocaleString();
var commaNum2 = num2.toLocaleString();
var commaNum3 = num3.toLocaleString();
var commaNum4 = num4.toLocaleString();



Add Commas to Number in JavaScript with a Click

In this simple example, we will let the user input a number, and we will add commas to it, if necessary.

Here is the HTML setup:

Add Commas to Number

We will add an onclick event to our #click-me div that will run a function we will create. Our function will first use the value property along with the getElementById method to get the number the user has entered.

We will then add commas to the number using the JavaScript toLocaleString() method.

We will finally post the results using the textContent property.

function addCommas(){
  //Get the user number
  var userNum = Number(document.getElementById("num1").value);
  //Add commas to number
  var commaNumber = userNum.toLocaleString();

  //Display the results
  document.getElementById("results").textContent = commaNumber;


The final code and output for adding commas to a number in JavaScript is below.

Code Output:

Add Commas to Number

Full Code:

Add Commas to Number

Hopefully this article has been useful for you to learn how to add commas to a number in JavaScript.

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Last Update: May 3, 2024