Heimerdinger has secured a firm position in the support meta. He’s an invaluable mage to have on your team, able to provide lots of AoE damage as well as crowd control.

Initially, Heimerdinger was only picked for bullying opponents during the laning phase and setting up kills for his bot lane partners. And to this day, the ADCs that synergize the most with Heimerdinger are all spellcasters.

In this post, I’ll suggest 5 ADC picks that work fantastically well in combination with Heimer and can use his utility and damage to carry early as well as late game. 

Check them out.

1. Jhin


Jhin is without a doubt the greatest marksman in a duo with Heimerdinger. His playstyle is unique and involves lots of spellcasting as well as auto-attacking.

The first synergy between that Heimerdinger and Jhin is that Heimer can easily mark enemy champions for Jhin’s W. This can be done with any of Heimer’s abilities, even his turrets. All of his spells are long-range and excellent for poking enemies which is what Jhin really likes.

Moreover, when Heimerdinger stuns an enemy with his E, Jhin can easily follow it up with his W. The stun plus root is more than enough crowd control for the duo to win any 2v2 skirmish in the bot lane, especially on level 3.

As Heimerdinger support, one of your goals is to get Rylai’s Crystal Scepter as soon as possible. This item allows you to slow your enemies as you’re dealing damage. And this helps Jhin aim better, especially when he activates his ultimate.

Key synergies:

  • Heimerdinger can always mark enemies for Jhin’s W
  • A high amount of damage throughout the game
  • Lots of utility (slows, snares, stuns)

Another thing I really like about Jhin and Heimerdinger is the sheer amount of damage they can dish out. Their spells are incredibly potent during the laning phase but both of them scale extremely well in the late game too.

On top of that, their slows, snares, and stuns allow them to control the bot side and keep the enemy junglers away from them.

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2. Ashe


Ashe was originally the first ADC champion that players picked in combination with Heimerdinger. This synergy is more than obvious and very powerful for carrying games from the bot lane.

First of all, both Heimerdinger and Ashe are long-range champions with tons of poke damage. With their Ws, they can continually torture the opposing duo and force them to play defensively. They can zone them and make them lose CS or compel them to fight and lose.

Key synergies: 

  • Lots of long-range poke damage raly on
  • Slowing enemies 24/7
  • Easy setup for teamfights thanks to Ashe’s R and Heimer’s E

Ganking a lane where Ashe and Heimerdinger are present is always tough for any jungler in League of Legends. Besides the slows and stuns, Heimer’s turrets can turn every gank into a nightmare, especially after level 6.

What this does is that it provides a safe laning phase for Ashe, an ADC that’s otherwise squishy and immobile. With Heimerdinger, Ashe can play a lot more aggressively, even in unfavorable matchups because they can always count on their combined utility.

Both Heimerdinger and Ashe can be facilitators of teamfights later on. A good ult from Ashe can catch one enemy off-guard and turn the fight into 5v4. The same can be said for Heimer’s E because of how much damage these champions can do if they’re left free.

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3. Jinx


Jinx isn’t really a spellcaster but she is one of the few marksmen that have amazing synergy with Heimerdinger. And it can be summed up like this.

Key synergies:

  • Extending each other’s CC (Jinx’s E after Heimer’s E and vice versa)
  • Constantly poking enemies in lane
  • Explosive damage after level 6

Jinx is one of those ADCs that really favors the aggressive supports. She deals decent damage early on and scales very well into the mid and late game. And so, because Heimerdinger’s job is to poke as much as possible, Jinx has an easy time scoring kills with him.

There are multiple ways to take advantage of their abilities with the simplest one going like this.

Jinx can slow an enemy champion with her W and have Heimerdinger cast his E on them. While the enemy is stunned, Jinx can quickly throw her chompers (E) beneath them to extend the CC duration. This immobilizes the target for over 3 seconds which is more than enough for the duo to score a kill.

Even though Heimerdinger isn’t the best at protecting his ADCs, he can provide enough utility for Jinx in teamfights and peel for her. With Rylai’s Crystal Scepter, Heimer can keep the enemies slowed so that Jinx can move around freely and damage them.

The amount of damage that Jinx and Heimerdinger can dish out together in a small window of time is absolutely crazy. With Heimer’s empowered W and Jinx’s R, any stunned or snared target is doomed, even if they’re tanky.

So, definitely give Heimerdinger and Jinx a try.

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4. Ziggs


Ziggs and Heimerdinger are one of my favorite duos in League of Legends. They’re fantastic at controlling the bottom side of the map and allowing their jungler to secure dragons as well as invade the enemy jungler.

Pushing waves and playing aggressively is what Ziggs and Heimerdinger should always do. Their poke damage is unbelievably strong even on level 1. And no matter the matchup, they can always bully their opponents and force them out of lane.

With Ziggs’ bombs and Heimer’s turrets, they can secure a good position in the bot lane and prevent the enemy jungler from ever ganking them. 

For example, Ziggs can throw down his E and force the enemy jungler to circle around. But he can also push him away with his W. On top of this, Heimerdinger can stun the intruder with his E or spawn a big turret to turn around the fight.

Key synergies:

  • Insane amount of poke early on
  • High AoE magic damage for teamfights
  • Taking down enemy turrets extremely fast

Another advantage that Ziggs and Heimerdinger bring to the table is a full AP bot lane. So even if the rest of their team is full AD, they even out the damage and make things harder for their opponents.

Playing against Ziggs and Heimerdinger is extremely annoying. And it can definitely help you int the opposing team and win games that way.

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5. Twitch


Twitch is another marksman I can recommend you in combination with Heimerdinger. He’s a great pick overall with lots of AoE damage post level 6.

Similar to Ashe, Twitch is a squishy ADC with no safety spells apart from his camouflage. Well, by being paired with Heimerdinger who can always play aggressively, Twitch indirectly receives a safety because his enemies aren’t likely to collapse on him early on.

Once the duo is ready to fight, Heimerdinger can walk forwards while Twitch circles around in invisibility. This gives the illusion that Heimer is alone and allows Twitch to catch his opponents off guard.

The opening for fights here is actually pretty simple. Heimerdinger should do his best to stun or slow one or two enemy champions while Twitch is camouflaged. He needs to set up his turrets the right way and potentially spawn the big one.

Once that is done, Twitch can come out with his ultimate and start blasting all enemies in sight. And no matter what the opponents do, the AoE damage from Twitch and Heimerdinger combined is enough to win fights 2v5.

Key synergies:

  • Lots of AoE damage
  • Explosive in teamfights
  • Decent utility through slows and stuns

Heimer and Twitch have had a high win rate in solo queue for a very long time. They’re an effective duo and you should absolutely learn how to play them if you want to climb as an ADC and a support.


Heimerdinger is a valuable pick in the bot lane that provides high magic damage and crowd control. And any marksman that lacks those things can potentially use a Heimer support in his games.

But the 5 champions you see in this post have the highest level of synergy with Heimerdinger so they’re always good picks, regardless of the matchups. They all have positive win rates with him in solo queue, so make sure to give them priority first.

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