With a couple of changes to Blitzcrank’s scalings and damage numbers, Riot Games opened up tons of opportunities for off-meta top lane, off-meta jungle, and even off-meta support build for Blitzcrank.

Nowadays, not only can Blitzcrank be an excellent support to his ADCs, but he can also become a one-shotting machine with a full AP build or a tanky bruiser with a full AD build.

In this post, I’ll talk all about AD Blitzcrank, how the build works, and why it’s a good one to try in your own games.

I’ll tell you all the runes and items you’ll need to implement as well as some general information that you’ll definitely find useful.

That said, let’s go into more detail!

How AD Blitzcrank Works in the Jungle and Top Lane:

AD Blitzcrank Damage

AD Blitzcrank is a decent build for jungle or top lane Blitz. It’s a bruiser-like playstyle that actually does a lot of damage, both to champions and monsters.

With his improved W and E, Blitzcrank can continuously damage his enemies and provide CC but also clear jungle camps relatively fast.

There are a couple of components that make Blitzcrank a good AD bruiser, so let’s start with the first one.

Blitzcrank’s W – Overdrive can speed up Blitzcrank and allow him to get in range for his Q – Rocket Grab.

And this is very useful when it comes to ganking enemy lanes, especially as a jungler. Not to mention that it also grants bonus attack speed for its duration.

However, the passive effect of this ability allows Blitzcrank to deal 1% of the target’s maximum HP as a bonus on-hit magic damage while Overdrive is active.

In other words, each cast of Blitz’s W lets you quickly auto-attack your target and deal extra damage to them.

On top of it all, Overdrive’s damage bonus is increased against jungle monsters, making the job of jungle Blitz much easier.

Next, Blitzcrank’s E – Power Fist empowers his auto-attack to deal extra damage that scales with his AD and also knock-up the target.

The AD scaling is actually insanely high, but it’s even higher when Power Fist is used against jungle monsters and minions.

The crazy part here is that Blitz’s E has a 2-3 seconds cooldown from the mid game onwards, allowing you to constantly knock up your target while chasing them.

Finally, Blitzcrank’s passive and R are also great tools for a melee bruiser. With a large shield and an AoE silence, Blitz’s chances of winning duels against other fighters in LoL are actually high.

And even though these two abilities don’t scale with AD, they come in handy when fighting other bruisers in LoL.

Now, let’s talk about runes and items!

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AD Blitzcrank Runes – Explained

AD Blitzcrank rune page
  • Lethal Tempo
  • Triumph
  • Legend: Alacrity
  • Last Stand
  • Conditioning
  • Unflinching

Lethal Tempo

Even though there are multiple keystones that work well with AD Blitzcrank, the best one by far is Lethal Tempo.

Lethal Tempo fits the general playstyle of AD Blitz because it grants a lot of attack speed when you first enter combat.

It allows you to dish out many more auto-attacks while your W is active, improving your overall damage too.


Triumph is a simple yet helpful rune that’s always good to have on any melee champion, including Blitz.

What Triumph does is it gives restores small portions of your HP and mana when you score a champion takedown.

And it can be an instrumental tool for surviving in a hectic team fight or when you’re diving the enemy under their turret.

Legend: Alacrity

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Legend: Alacrity is another attack speed rune that’s more than recommended for AD Blitzcrank. 

But the difference between Lethal Tempo and Legend: Alacrity is that this one is a permanent buff rather than a temporary one.

Legend: Alacrity passively increases your attack speed throughout the game as you’re farming and scaling during the early and mid game.

Last Stand

Last Stand is the last rune you should pick up from the Precision page and it’s a useful one for a melee champion such as Blitzcrank.

So what Last Stand does is that it increases your damage to enemy champions when your health is below 60%. And even if the enemy team focuses you, you’ll still be able to deal a lot of damage back.


Blitzcrank has always been a tanky champion in League of Legends and Conditioning is here to make sure he stays one even with this off-meta AD build.

So, Conditioning grants bonus magic resist and armor and increases both those stats after 12 minutes into the game.

It’s a useful rune to have against any type of enemy, regardless if they’re AP or AD.


Since you’re going for Legend: Alacrity instead of Legend: Tenacity in the Precision rune page, Unflinching is a must-have one here.

Unflinching grants bonus tenacity and slow resist based on how much HP you have. Similar to Last Stand, you get the biggest value out of this rune when you’re health is low or close to 30%.

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AD Blitzcrank Items – Explained

AD Blitzcrank item build
  • Berserker’s Boots
  • Trinity Force
  • Manamune/Muramana
  • Blade of the Ruined King
  • Death’s Dance
  • Titanic Hydra

Berserker’s Boots

Regarding boots, Berserker’s Greaves are the go-to for AD Blitzcrank, both for top lane and jungle.

First of all, the bonus attack speed from these boots is precious during the early game.

But also, dishing out more basic attacks is how Blitzcrank can actually deal significant damage early on when he doesn’t have too many items and his AD is low.

Trinity Force

As for mythics, Trinity Force is the best-performing one on AD Blitz. It’s packed with all the stats Blitzcrank needs, from attack damage and speed to bonus health and ability haste.

The coolest things about Trinity Force are the bonus passives.

This item not only grants bonus movement speed when you enter combat, but it also empowers your next auto-attack after using an ability od deal bonus on-hit damage. 

Trinity Force synergizes with the whole of Blitzcrank’s kit, so make sure to get it.

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There are two reasons to always go for Tear of the Goddess and the Manamune/Muraman upgrade on Blitzcrank, especially with this AD build.

First, Manamune increases your maximum mana and allows you always to have enough of it when fighting or farming.

Second, when you upgrade the item, you also get tons of bonus AD which is definitely what you want when you’re running this build.

And third, Blitzcrank’s passive shield actually scales with maximum mana. And the more mana you have, the bigger the Mana Barrier is. So, always get Manamune!

Blade of the Ruined King

Blade of the Ruined King is another standard bruiser item in LoL that also fits AD Blitzcrank.

What BOTRK offers is on-hit healing as well as extra damage based on the target’s health. Besides that, the item grants bonus stats such as attack damage, lifesteal, and attack speed, so it’s a useful item overall.

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Death’s Dance

Death’s Dance is one of the most broken items in League of Legends and you should always build it regardless of who you’re facing.

Besides the bonus armor, AD, and ability haste, Death’s Dance offers a passive that turns any fighter into a tank.

Rather than taking the whole damage directly, this item allows you to take a portion of it over 3 seconds instead.

And this means that no one can one-shot you when you have Death’s Dance in your inventory.

Titanic Hydra

And the last item that can improve your damage, as well as your tankiness, is Titanic Hydra.

Not only does it grant a lot of bonus health and AD, but it also turns your basic attacks into cleave attacks. It can help you a lot during a team fight, especially when the enemies are packed together.

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Optional and Situational Items

There are tons of optional items you can go for on AD Blitz.

For example, you can always switch to Divine Sunderer or even Kraken Slayer if you want to be more offensive. Black Cleaver can help with that as well.

On the other hand, items like Maw of Malmortius and Guardian Angel are super valuable for staying a live during a team fight. 

So, buy accordingly!

Skill Order and Summoner’s Spells

When it comes to maxing out Blitzcrank’s abilities with this AD build, you should actually go a very unique route. Your main spell here is W – Overdrive for all the bonuses I mentioned above. And the second is E – Power Fist.

So, here’s how you should max out your abilities on AD Blitzcrank:


The choice of Summoner’s Spells always depends on the role you’re going for. So for example, if you’re going with AD Blitzcrank as a jungle, the choice is reserved for Flash + Smite.

However, in the top lane, you should run either a Teleport for map pressure or an Ignite for lane pressure.


Riot Games did a fantastic job of buffing AD Blitzcrank’s playstyle. The build I explained above is a powerful one for carrying games in solo queue, especially in lower elos. So, definitely give it a go!

And if you want to see AD Blitz in action, I really recommend watching this YouTube video. It can familiarize you with the pick and the strategies you’ll need to implement.

Good luck!

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Last Update: March 2, 2024