While most gamers know Fanatec and Logitech as the best sim racing gear manufacturers, Next Level Racing has emerged as a major player in the market. 

Some of the brand’s products, such as the Next Level Racing motion platform V3 and racing cockpits, have become a hit among racing sim enthusiasts.

The brand is relatively new, founded in 2009, but has quickly gained a reputation for producing high-quality products. 

In this guide, we’ll take you through the selection of Next Level Racing sim gear. 

An Overview of Next Level Racing Technology 

An Overview of Next Level Racing Technology 
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Next Level Racing came into being in 2009. Since then, the manufacturer has patented 15+ original products, which you can buy in over 50 countries. They have also partnered with a host of brands, including iRacing, Boeing, Ford, G2 Esports, and Sony PlayStation. 

The company’s sim racing ecosystem caters to drivers with different needs and expertise levels, from casual gamers to pros. Besides individual gamers, universities, entertainment venues, training institutions, and motorsport bodies also use their products. 

If we talk about features, compatibility and build quality are two factors that stand out. The manufacturer designs products that are compatible with most shifters, pedals, and wheels from popular brands like Moza, Thrustmaster, Fanatec, and Logitech. 

Next Level Racing Gear Compatibility 

Next Level Racing Gear Compatibility
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Next Level Racing products are compatible with PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms. The company does not make steering wheels for sim racing. Instead, you can buy accessories like hand brakes and wheel stands from them. 

As for the games you can play, they will depend on the platform and your existing sim racing setup. But some popular sim racing games to play are: 

  • Assetto Corsa 
  • DiRT Rally 
  • Project Cars 
  • iRacing 
  • F1 2020 
  • Need for Speed 
  • NASCAR 09
  • Forza Motorsport

Next Level Racing Sim Racing Gear Products Overview 

They manufacture products for flight simulation and racing simulation. For the scope of this guide, we’ll keep our discussion to racing simulation products only. The products in this category include racing seats, stands, cockpits, and accessories. 

Let’s look at them individually. 

Next Level Racing Cockpits 

Instead of making individual wheels, pedals, and controllers, they manufacture cockpits that you can adorn with your favorite accessories and steering wheels. 

One such product is the Next Level Racing GT Lite iRacing Edition cockpit. It features branded components from iRacing along with an adjustable wheel and gear shifter. You can also change the angle and positions of the pedals. 

The seat is made using a high-breathability fabric for ultimate comfort. Since their GT Lite folds, it is easy to store and transport. 

If you don’t mind spending a ton of money on your sim racing cockpit, the Next Level Racing F-GT Elite 160 cockpit edition will delight you. To begin, it offers support for Tank, Truck, Hybrid, GT, and Formula driving positions. The 6mm pedal adjustment fins make it easy to set up the right distance between the pedals. 

It also has a 5mm wheel deck that is compatible with most wheels you buy from renowned brands. Pre-machined holes make it easy to add accessories to the cockpit. Like the wheel deck, the cockpit also has a handbrake and shifter plate. Both are compatible with hand brakes and shifters from popular brands. 

The cockpit also has Height Adjustable shock-absorbing feet to make up for the misalignment of your uneven floors. If you plan to use the cockpit with the brand’s Motion platform V3, the direct shifter setup will make it a breeze. 

We understand that not everyone will have over a grand to spend on a cockpit. If that’s the case, you can look for another cockpit, like the F-GT Elite Lite Wheel Plate Edition. Here are some cool features of this cockpit: 

  • T-slot extruded aluminum for high compatibility with third-party accessories 
  • Adjustable pedal angle, height, and distance 
  • Compatibility with the brand motion platform 
  • Pre-machined holes for easy assembly 

Next Level Racing Stands 

You may need a racing stand if you don’t have the space or budget for a full cockpit. The manufacturers offer various options, such as the Wheel Stand 2.0. It’s a low-budget racing stand with the following features: 

  • Foldable design 
  • Full adjustability for the pedal plate and wheel 
  • Support for handbrake and gear shifter 
  • Compatibility with GTSeat Add-On (easy conversion into a complete cockpit) 
  • Compatibility with renowned pedals and wheels 
  • Pre-drilling for Fanatec, Thrustmaster, and Logitech products 

Another option is the Wheel Stand Racer, which is ideal for beginners. The stand has appropriate positions for the pedals and wheels to make racing hassle-free. Its patented foldable design takes just 10 seconds for you to fold it for easy storage. Like most other stands from the company, you can adjust the wheel height and angle. 

They recommend buying this stand if you plan to use any of the following products: Thrustmaster T80, Spider, T150, T150 Pro, TMX Pro, Logitech G29, and G920 models. 

If you’re looking for a wheel stand with more features, the Next Level Racing Stand is a good option. It’s also a foldable stand with realistic racing positions and adjustable gear shifter, wheel, and pedal positions. Like the aforementioned stands, this one is also pre-drilled for Fanatec, Logitech, and Thrustmaster wheels. 


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If you don’t want a full cockpit, you can just buy a seat. The Elite S1 Scuderia Ferrari Edition is an excellent pick. It has an ergonomic design with PU foam to make sure you stay comfortable during long gaming sessions. Other features include: 

  • Comforter seat profile for gamers with waist sizes of up to 42 inches 
  • Four-point harness seat belts
  • Five-axis polymer seat
  • Support for weights up to 250kg 

Their Elite ES1 sim racing seat is another option to consider. It also has a five-axis polymer seat that provides you with all the support you need during gaming. The PU foam further offers lumbar support, while the suede covering gives your gaming setup a luxury appeal. 

It also comes with the trademark seat belts. Since all mounting hardware is included in the package, the installation process is swift and straightforward.

Next Level Racing Accessories 

Their cockpits and seats are compatible with most third-party products. But you can also buy accessories from the company to enhance your gaming experience. Some popular options are: 

  • Universal Hand Brake Plate: The Universal Hand Brake Plate is an add-on that can be easily mounted on any cockpit. It is compatible with the following products from the company: F-GT, F-GT Lite, GTLite, GTLite Pro, and Wheel Stand 2.0. You can also use it with hand brakes and shifters from other well-known brands. 
  • Elite Shifter: The Elite shifter is made for the Elite cockpit range. It has an anodized aluminum build with carbon steel components for a rigid yet lightweight design. It is also compatible with hand brakes and shifters from major brands like BJ Sim Racing, Heusinkveld, Fanatec, Logitech, and Thrustmaster. 
  • Lite Free Standing Monitor Stand: Made for the company’s Lite Series, the monitor stand can support a screen of up to 55 inches. It is made with glass-filled Nylon plastic and carbon steel tube for utmost durability. 
  • Elite Premium Mount Adapter: You can attach the Next Level Racing mount adapter to the side or front of your cockpit. It supports all wheelbases with Direct Drive technology. 

Who Is Next Level Racing Sim Gear For?

Who Is Next Level Racing Sim Gear For?
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Their sim gear is perfect for gamers who don’t need components like steering wheels or pedals but are looking for cockpits and seats. 

The pricing is also quite competitive compared to other brands, making it suitable for those on a budget. You can actually find products in a wide price range, starting at $200 and going all the way up to $1,200. 

Also, the extensive compatibility means you can mix and match components from different companies to build your ultimate sim racing setup. 


  • Multiple options of racing seats and cockpits
  • Pre-drilled holes for mounting all major racing wheels 
  • Compatible with hand brakes and shifters from major brands
  • Competitive Pricing 


  • Lack of versatility in standalone products
  • May require additional attachments to achieve desired setup

Final Verdict

After a close look at the Next Level Racing features and products, we can comfortably say that if you need an easy-to-assemble and budget-friendly sim racing setup, this brand is perfect for you. Its compatibility with major components and multiple options for cockpits and seats make it a great choice for both beginner and advanced sim racers. 

The main downside we found is that you can’t buy everything for your setup from this brand alone. You’ll have to shop from at least two or more places. But that’s not as much of a problem considering the compatibility with other third-party gear. 

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