Searching for a one-spot for all your sim racing needs? Don’t look further than Track Racer. The company has been creating high-end gaming accessories and platforms since 2008. 

Their products are not merely functional but also ergonomically superior. Some offerings from the company include racing frames, turnkey simulators, monitor stands, motion systems, steering wheels, shifters, and handbrakes. Track Racer also offers bundles to suit individual needs and budgets. 

Below, we discuss some popular options from Track Racing sim gear. We also look at a few bundles to help you make your choice. 

An Overview of Track Racer Sim Racing Technology 

Track Racer’s vision is to build ”the cheapest, lightest, and simplest” platforms for gaming. The company aims to bring the racing experience as close to reality as possible. 

As for technology, they keep at par with the latest developments in the industry. For instance, the company’s racing simulators boast a steel and aluminum build with more thickness than other options in the market. 

Their sim racing wheels are just as innovative, with features like improved tactile feedback, Bluetooth dual-mode connection, magnetic connectors, and double joysticks in most of them. 

Track Racer Sim Gear Compatibility 

Track Racer Sim Gear Compatibility
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Compatibility isn’t an issue either since you can play on PlayStation, Xbox, PC, or Mac with Track Racer sim gear. 

Some games you can play on the Track Racer gaming simulators are: 

  • Project Cars 2
  • Assetto Corsa 
  • Gran Turismo Sport 
  • Forza Motorsport 

The games you can play depend on the simulator you go for, but most are compatible with popular racing titles. 

Track Racer Sim Racing Gear Overview 

In the sim racing category, Track Racer creates products like frames, simulators, bundles, add-ons, spare parts, and monitor stands. You can also buy motion systems, steering wheels, wheelbase, gaming monitors, pedals, gloves, apparel, shifters, and hand brakes for your Track Racer sim rig. 

Let’s look at some of these categories. 

Steering Wheels 

Steering Wheels
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One thing you’ll notice right off the bat about sim racing gear is that it is pricey. Most products touch a thousand dollars or are just a little shy of hitting that mark. 

The reason for this is the quality and realism the company tries to achieve with its products. 

For instance, the Simucube Tahko GT-21 wireless wheel is a stellar product that the company made based on feedback from pro racers. Its features include ten high-quality buttons, a 7-way switch with four directions, a middle button, and a rotary encoder. Plus, there are two adjustable magnetic paddles. 

The ESPORTSIM Formula Steering Wheel Series 3 is another excellent wheel with a 5-inch digital display to show you telemetry data. You can view over 80 telemetry items, such as tire temperatures, speed, gear, and position. It also has functional rotary switches and easily accessible buttons. 

The steering wheel runs on multiple platforms, such as PC, PS5, PS4, and Xbox. You can also use it with motor bases from Fanatec, Moza, Sigamic, and Logitech. 

Another wheel you should check out from Track Racer is the CUBE F-PRO Formula Sim Racing steering wheel. It has 12 momentary buttons with two on and off toggle switches. The maximum diameter of 45mm is a solid fit for most users. You can configure the RGB buttons to your liking, making your sim racing experience unique. 

Track Racer Shifters and Handbrakes 

If you’re planning to dive into drift racing or looking for a more realistic experience, you should consider adding a shifter and handbrake to your sim setup. The VNM handbrake V1.5 is a good place to start. It has been specifically designed for rally drivers with an all-aluminum build. You can mount it to your racing simulator for a seamless experience. The 16-bit ADC board ensures smooth operation and precise inputs. Since the handbrake has a USB plug-and-play function, you can easily connect it to your PC. 

As for the shifter, the VNM Shifter is in the same family as this handbrake. Like the hand brake, the shifter also has an all-aluminum design. It comes with a 7-gear H-pattern plate with optional 5-gear and 4-gear plates. Measuring 110mm x 260mm, the compact design makes for easy adjustment in your sim rig. The shifter also has interchangeable knobs, allowing you to customize the look of your setup. 


Source: Image by memotec Messtechnik on Flickr 

When it comes to pedals, the VNM Racing Pedals will meet most racers’ needs. Their smooth actuation makes for a realistic driving experience. The pedal height and angles are adjustable for your preferences. With a 200kg load cell, these pedals can handle even the most intense racing scenarios. 

Do note that they do not come with dampers or base plates. But you can buy them individually from Track Racer’s collection. 

For example, the VNM Pedals Base Plate will go with these pedals. The base plate has an elevated heel rest that you can adjust. 

Since it’s made of steel and has a static-proof painted layer, you can expect durability. The base plate comes with mounting holes on both sides, where you can adjust the controller box. 

Racing Simulator 

Let’s get to the big guns now. We have to warn you: prepare to spend around ten grand on these Track Racer sim rigs. 

But it’ll be worth every penny when you get the TR8 PRO delivered to your place. Track Racer’s sim rigs come pre-built and ready to use. They optimize your software and hardware to your gaming preferences, too. The TR8 PRO has a 49-inch gaming monitor with a curved display and adaptive sync. 

Plus, you get the Tahko GT-21 Wireless Wheel, with wireless connectivity, a 7-way switch, and magnetic paddles. The cockpit also includes a 17 nm wheelbase with a Sport Direct Drive System for realistic force feedback. 

Another option is the Alpine Racing TRX. The Integrated Single Monitor Stand in this cockpit is compatible with TVs and monitors ranging in size from 75mm to 400mm. It also comes with a Formula-style wheel with RGB LED buttons and a CNC aluminum body. Other features include a precision-crafted pedal set and 25Nm Pro R2 wheelbase. 

Sim Seats 

Do you want to stay comfy during gaming? Invest in a Track Racer sim seat. 

The Recliner Seat from the company has a lightweight steel frame with injection-molded foam for ultimate comfort. It can fit up to 45 inches of waist size and has a 2-year warranty. You can also adjust the seat brackets to make it more comfortable for long-hour gaming. 

Alternatively, you can get the GT Style Fixed Fiberglass Seat. Its features include: 

  • Seat slides and seat brackets 
  • Weight restriction of up to 160 kg 
  • High-density foam construction 

Just a heads up: if you plan to buy this sim seat, check the mounting point locations to be sure it fits with your sim rig. 

Track Racer Accessories 

Besides the aforementioned products, you can also get accessories from Track Racer. The 49″ 144HZ DFHD gaming monitor is one such product. It has a resolution of 3840 x 1080 with a refresh rate of 144Hz. Plus, the 120% sRGB color gamut shows you the right colors for an immersive experience. 

The company also sells sim racing apparel and gloves. If you need something basic, the Freem Track Racer gloves will be good for you. They are made in Italy with the finest L-Grip fabric to ensure a firm grip on the steering wheel during racing. Track Racer claims that these gloves are the lightest in the world at just 32 grams. 

The gloves are also resistant to perspiration and odor. So, you can wear them for hours on end without being uncomfortable. 

Who Is Track Racer Sim Racing Gear For? 

Who Is Track Racer Sim Racing Gear For?
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After going through the Track Racer sim gear selection, we’ll say that the company’s products are more suited to pro racers than beginners. Although they say its products are geared for both beginners and experienced gamers, the high price points and advanced features may not be suitable for those just starting out in sim racing. 

Also, if you need an extensive selection and feature range, we’d recommend checking out other brands. But if you are looking for something very specific, Track Racer is an ideal option. 

Racers needing full-fledged rigs will also find this brand a good choice. These rigs have all the necessary components, so you won’t have to buy them individually. 

Pros of Track Racer Sim Gear 

  • High-quality construction and materials used in all products 
  • Wide range of sim rigs to fit different preferences 
  • Suitable for professional racers 
  • All-in-one sim rigs available for a complete sim racing experience 

Cons of Track Racer Gear 

  • High price points
  • Limited selection compared to other brands 

Final Verdict

To sum up, Track Racer is one of the best options for buying sim racing products out there. It’s high-end and extremely innovative. The company partners with Ferrari, Airbus, and Alpine F1 teams to bring forward the best sim racing products for their customers. 

So, if you are looking for a professional-grade sim racing experience and don’t mind investing in high-quality gear, Track Racer should be a go-to option. The price is definitely an obstacle, but the quality and features make up for it. Plus, most products come with substantial guarantees. 

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Last Update: February 9, 2024