Zoe is unlike any champion in League of Legends. She’s a fast, bursty, mobile mage that assassinates enemies from afar. People who play Zoe often claim that she’s the most fun character. And players that play against her claim that Zoe is broken.

Here’s what I think.

Zoe is one of the best mid-lane champions in League of Legends. She’s a long-ranged mage with a safe playstyle and extremely high burst damage. Zoe has a high skill cap, but it’s one of the most rewarding champions when mastered.

The biggest strength of playing Zoe is one-shotting enemies from afar.

The truth is – Zoe isn’t for everybody. We all like different champions and playstyles. Some of us only play assassins, while others only tanks. However, if you’re into playing mages in LoL and enjoy champions like Xerath, Vel’Koz, or Ezreal, you’re going to love Zoe!

Here are my top 7 reasons why Zoe is such a good champion in League of Legends!

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7 Reasons Why Zoe is so Good for Climbing in LoL

1. Zoe is a Long-Ranged Champion with a Safe Playstyle

Zoe has good range on all of her abilities.
The range of Zoe’s E – Sleepy Trouble Bubble

Truthfully, Zoe is a very squishy champion in League of Legends. If you manage to get near her or stun her, you’ll probably slay her too. However, experienced Zoe players can go through a whole match without ever being near danger.

How? Well, Zoe has simply no reason to go near enemy champions.

Zoe’s two damaging abilities are Q – Paddle Star and E – Sleepy Trouble Bubbles. Zoe can extend the range of her Q with her ult – Portal Jump. And her E extends too when traveling through the terrains of Summoner’s Rift. 

Because of this, Zoe can constantly shoot Paddle Stars, and Sleepy Trouble Bubbles from miles away. Her ultimate always returns her to the initial spot, no matter what happens when she jumps forward. Even under stuns and suppressions – Portal Jump always returns Zoe to her safe position.

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2. Zoe Has One of the Highest Bursts in the Game

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If Zoe is famous for one thing in LoL, then that is one shot! Not only can Zoe play safely from afar, but she can also delete an enemy champion in an instant.

Zoe is designed around one-shotting enemy champions. All of the abilities in her kit synergize to create the perfect situation for a one-shot. And the whole thing works like this.

Sleepy Trouble Bubble puts the enemy champion to sleep and makes him visible to Zoe. Zoe can then blast the target with a long-ranged Q (extended with R) to instantly deal absurd amounts of magic damage. When the sleep from Zoe’s E is broken, the ability also deals true damage based on how much damage Zoe’s Q has done.

All in all, Zoe doesn’t need a full inventory of items to one-shot an enemy. Of course, she burst down tanks, but she’s excellent at eliminating squishy champions from the Rift. And it feels fantastic when you’re doing it!

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3. You Always Get a Chance to Outplay Someone with Zoe

Zoe is good because she can use enemy Summoner Spells and items.
Picking up Summoner Spells and items with Zoe

Many people underestimate the power of Zoe’s W – Spell Thief. But having 3 Flashes, 2 Ignites, an Everfrost, and a Galeforce in a single team fight is simply incredible. 

Spell Thief allows Zoe to pick up used Summoner Spells and items from the enemy team. Occasionally, enemy minions carry balloons containing Summoner Spells and active items for Zoe. Because of this, Zoe has so many different ways of playing out a fight. 

For example, let’s say that the enemy jungler is ganking Zoe in the mid lane. Zoe can’t fight a 2v1 battle. But if she has Galeforce on her W, she can quickly burst down one target, then deal with the next. Not to mention that you have your Summoner Spells, and you can pick up your opponent’s Flashes, Ignites, and Smites.

Even though League can be pretty hectic, playing Zoe feels like you always have a chance of doing something more for your team. And that’s great for climbing in LoL!

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4. Zoe is Difficult to Play But Very Rewarding When Mastered

There’s no getting around it – you’ll have to practice Zoe a lot if you want to hard carry with her. 

The truth is – she’s a champion with a high skill cap and requires mechanical talent. But that’s also what makes her interesting to play. Not to mention super powerful when played correctly.

All of Zoe’s abilities, apart from the stolen spells on her W, are skillshots. So you have to aim them all the time in order to deal damage. It doesn’t matter if your KDA is 20/0/10 or not; you will be utterly useless in a team fight if you miss your abilities. 

This is why many people turn away from practicing Zoe. And frankly speaking, she isn’t the most popular champion in League of Legends. 

However, if you’re good at skillshots and you dedicate time to practicing Zoe, you’ll end up carrying a lot in solo queue.

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5. Zoe is Extremely Good at Roaming and Ganking

Zoe has one of the best crowd control abilities in LoL – Sleepy Trouble Bubble. Not only does this spell go through walls and puts the target asleep, but it also deals bonus true damage. Zoe doesn’t even need to break the sleep herself, which makes her great at setting up kills for her entire team.

Oftentimes, you won’t need to do anything else except to aim your Sleepy Trouble Bubble when ganking bot lane. The sleep and bonus true damage is enough to slay any champion in the game, especially early on. 

The same can be said for helping out your jungler. If you manage to land a good Sleepy Trouble Bubble on the enemy jungler, your teammate can finish the job in no time. 

Zoe is extremely good at controlling objectives around the map, such as Dragons, Barons, and Turrets. She can torment the enemy team with Sleepy Trouble Bubbles and Paddle Stars all day long, making it difficult for them to even start a fight.

6. You Can Play Zoe in Multiple Roles and Lanes

Zoe is a good jungler and support
Playing Zoe as a Support

Since Zoe is played in the mid lane 99% of the time, people forget how good she actually is in other roles, namely jungle and support. 

Because Zoe is so good at roaming, she can also be a good jungler. True, it’s difficult to survive the early few levels. But if you manage to focus on ganking instead of farming monsters, you’ll be an unstoppable Zoe jungle player. Here’s my complete guide on playing Zoe in the jungle.

And as a support, all you need to do with Zoe is aim your E. Many ADC synergize well with Zoe, such as Ezreal, Caitlyn, and Varus. Not only will you do nearly the same damage as mid lane Zoe, but you’ll also have tons of fun.

Check this YouTube video of me carrying a game with Zoe support.

7. Zoe is Simply a Fun Character to Play

Playing League of Legends is not always fun. Everybody knows that the game is unfair, and it often feels like you can’t control anything – from matchmaking to the decisions your team makes. However, playing Zoe is always a fun experience, no matter if you’re winning or losing.

Zoe is simply a fun character. She looks funny, runs weirdly, and says wacky things all the time. Sometimes she trolls the enemy’s champion and sometimes she says a joke when you miss a skill shot. I’ve been in a situation where playing Zoe has actually cheered me up, which is part of the reason why she’s my main.

Aside from that, the satisfaction you get when you one-shot an enemy champion is seriously high. And if you enjoy playing mages in LoL, then Zoe should be the next champion you try!

These are the top 7 reasons why Zoe is so good for climbing in League of Legends!

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