High-elo players, smurfs, boosters, and even professional junglers recommend playing Amumu to climb in League. There’s a reason why he’s so effective in solo queue, especially the lower elos.

Amumu has many tools that allow him to carry games in LoL.

And in this post, I’ll go over the 5 key reasons why Amumu is so good for climbing in League of Legends.

Even though Amumu is an old champion and many players know his weaknesses, his strengths cannot be denied. If you play him right, you’ll be unstoppable on your way to Platinum or Diamond.

You can also use Amumu to climb up to Master and Grandmaster, but things will become a bit difficult once you reach high elo.

That said, let’s talk about why Amumu is such a good champion in League of Legends!

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Top 5 Reasons Why Amumu is Good in League of Legends

1. Amumu Has Fast Jungle Clearing 

One thing that often determines whether a jungle champion can quickly clear the monster camps is the amount of AoE damage he has. Amumu has two basic abilities that deal AoE magic damage, one of which he maxes out first.

Amumu’s W is a toggle ability that scales with both AP and the target’s max Health. Basic attacks make this ability tick faster and deal more damage overall.

On the other hand, Amumu’s E is a regular AoE strike that also grants him physical damage reduction.

Because of this, it’s very easy to clear jungle camps with Amumu. All you need to do is turn your W on, cast your E, and use your auto-attacks whenever you can.

On camps with multiple monsters, you should always focus the biggest one (the large wolf, for example) since Amumu’s abilities will slay the surrounding targets anyway.

But Amumu is also exceptional at moving between camps. Thanks to his Q, he’s able to dash through the terrain. Bandage Toss has 2 charges on a fairly short cooldown, so Amumu never has to spend too much time walking.

Amumu’s Q can break the scuttle crab’s shield, making it an effective tool for securing the river objective too.

Amumu in the jungle

2. Amumu is Easy to Play Champion (Beginner Friendly)

Since Amumu’s abilities work in such a simple way, he’s one of the best beginner-friendly junglers in the game.

Not only will you have an easy time in the jungle against monsters, but you can also fight all enemy champions on the map.

Amumu’s Q is the only “difficult” ability because it’s the only skillshot he has. If Amumu lands his Q, he dashes to the target and stuns them too. It has 2 charges and deals good damage, so it’s an important part of the champion.

Other than his Q, all of Amumus’ abilities are cast from melee range. You only need to press your W, E, or R buttons, and as long as you’re standing next to your target, you will do damage.

In other words, pressing W allows you to deal damage each second you’re standing next to your enemies. Your E strikes all targets around you. And your ultimate stuns everyone in a wide radius.

Amumu is an easy-to-understand, easy-to-play champion. And if you play Amumu in just a few games, you’ll be decent at him.

3. Amumu Has a Lot of CC (AoE Crowd Control)

Take it from a Master tier player – play a champion with a lot of CC in solo queue. There’s a reason why it’s easier to climb with a champ that can lock down his targets. And Amumu is the king of CC in League of Legends!

Playing a jungler with multiple crowd control abilities increases the chance that you’ll slay your enemies each time you gank their lanes.

Moreover, Amumu has an AoE stun on top of his single-target stun, making him extremely good at carrying team fights.

If you can stun multiple enemies with Amumu’s ultimate in LoL, you’ve essentially won the team fight.

It doesn’t matter which elo you’re in, but hitting Amumu’s ultimate right can single-handedly win you the game.

And if you have even a bit of experience in League, then you definitely know how scary Amumu’s ganks can be.

With 2 charges on his Q, he can keep a target in place for several seconds. Combined with his ultimate, Amumu can hand out “free kills” to his teammates all day long.

Amumu using his ultimate to stun his enemies

4. Amumu Fits Every Team Composition

Being a tank with much AoE damage and crowd control makes Amumu a great fit for every team composition in League of Legends.

In fact, he’s often what makes the team composition work. He provides utility and sets the whole team for success.

One of the biggest strengths of Amumu is his engage. He’s usually the initiator of every fight for his team. Due to the long-range of his Q, Amumu can dash into the middle of his enemies and stun them all with his R.

This allows his team to follow up with damage and other crowd control effects, making their enemies incapable of resting.

Some of the best champions that synergize with Amumu are Ziggs, Orianna, Ezreal, Leona, Fiddlesticks, Kennen, and Malphite. These champions have amazing AoE ultimates that can obliterate the enemy players.

But Amumu can be a great pick in a team where you don’t have any AoE abilities. For example, playing Amumu support can be the perfect setup for someone like Master Yi, who doesn’t have any CC

All in all, Amumu is a great pick in every match!

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5. Amumu is a Very Tanky Champion

Unlike many melee junglers in League, Amumu is primarily a tank. Yes, his abilities scale with AP, and you can definitely build full AP to deal more damage.

But your regular build will consist of tank items that will give you enough damage and make you nearly unkillable!

Some of the runes that you’ll always want on Amumu are Aftershock, Conditioning, and Overgrowth. All of them come from the Resolve tree, making it the go-to option for Amumu.

Each of these runes makes Amumu more tanky, either by giving him more Health or more Armor/Magic Resist.

If Amumu gets a lead in the early game and starts building tank items, it’s almost impossible to slay him.

He’ll always have the upper hand since he’ll have more defensive stats than his enemies have damage. On top of that, he can continually stun his opponents, making it very difficult for them to stop him.

As a tank, you’ll also have an easy time in the jungle since the monsters won’t deal much damage to you.

Amumu dealing AoE damage

Amumu’s Strengths Throughout the Match

Amumu isn’t the strongest champion at level 1. Since he is a tank, he doesn’t deal too much damage early on. His abilities require a few levels to really start dealing damage.

And Amumu doesn’t have resets and no lifesteal either. However, he doesn’t have a problem with clearing jungle camps.

Even though Amumu isn’t great at dueling in the early game, his ganks are exceptionally good. Thanks to his Q, he can provide a stun that allows his laner to score a kill. His damage isn’t OP, but it’s enough in the early game.

Amumu shines in the late game. With a couple of tanky/AP items in his inventory, Amumu can engage in fights all day long.

His abilities can nearly one-shot the enemy ADC even though Amumu himself is pretty difficult to kill. But the best part about Amumu in the late game is his ultimate that wins fights on its own.

Like I mentioned above, Amumu’s R – Curse of the Sad Mummy is one of the best ultimates in the game. Since it stuns and damages all enemies around Amumu, it’s very influential on the outcome of the team fight.

And if Amumu stuns multiple enemy champions with it, the team fight is often won right there.

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Is Amumu Viable in High Elo?

The higher you go on the ranked ladder, the harder it is to succeed with Amumu. However, that’s true for any easy-to-play champion in the game.

For example, Master Yi and Malzahar are some of the best champions to climb out of low elo, but they don’t have the same success in high elo.

One of the advantages that Amumu has is that his crowd control can be used easily. In high elo, you can expect your teammates to know how to play around you.

And most players will engage when Amumu stuns multiple enemies with his ultimate.

That said, Amumu is a good champion for every possible scenario in League of Legends. And I totally recommend you to main him for climbing in solo queue!

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