Cassiopeia is a big counter to many ADCs in the bot lane. Her auto-attack range on all of her abilities allows her to stand up to any marksman in the game.

More notably, her R Petrifying Gaze is the ideal answer to all right-clicking ADCs because they have to face Cass if they want to stop her but the ability stops them instead by stunning them for several seconds.

Because of this, as well as her incredibly high magic damage DPS, Cassioepia is a powerful pocket pick to have as a bot laner.

But in order to squeeze the maximum value out of Cass, you also need to think about pairing her with the right support partner.

I’ve tested many different picks in combination with Cassiopeia (in high elo, Master plus) this season. And I’ve discovered that these 5 are the best ones in most situations. 

Check them out.

These Are the 5 Best Supports for Cassiopeia APC:

5. Nami


First off, Nami is generally a great support pick, able to fit in most AP carries‘ playstyles, including Cassioepia.

What distinguishes Nami the most is her E, which amplifies the next 3 abilities or auto attacks of her partner. When used on Cass, this spell can really make a big difference, especially when Cassioepia is chasing down a target and weaving her Es one after another.

Besides, Nami’s heal and knock-up are useful tools for trading and committing to the 2v2 skirmishes in the bot lane. The bubble allows Cass to land her Q safely, as well as her Miasma to prevent the target from running away.

And Nami’s heal is an excellent tool for poking from level 1.

In the late game, the best way to utilize these two champions is for them to stick together. Since Cassiopeia is immobile, she’ll always need Nami’s presence to either help her get away from sticky situations or buff up her damage.

You can even synergize Nami’s R and Cassiopeia’s R in 5v5 teamfights for the ultimate effect.

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4. Morgana


The next support that works incredibly well with Cassiopeia is Morgana. She’s not the strongest pick in the bot lane but her presence is definitely enough to dominate the laning phase with, especially in lower elos.

With Morgana, Cassiopeia can play much more aggressively because of Morgana’s Black Shield. Since the ability blocks crowd control effects, Cass can constantly be up in their enemies’ faces, looking for Qs and harassing with E.

Once Morgana catches someone with her Q, Dark Binding, a kill is almost inevitable. The 3 seconds root is more than enough time for Cassiopeia to land her Q a couple of times, as well as her E. She can also place down Miasma and trap the enemy for good.

You can definitely mess up the ultimate of these two champions if you don’t communicate well with your partners.

For example, if Morgana casts her R first, the enemies are likely to run away, turning away from Cass too. So it’s better to have Cass stun first which gives enough time for Morgana’s chains to activate for the ultimate effect.

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3. Blitzcrank


Blitzcrank is one of my favorite supports to play in combination with Cassiopeia for a couple of reasons.

First of all, Blitzcrank keeps enemies in range for Cass with his hook. Whenever a target Flashes away, for example, he can bring them back and allow Cassiopeia to continue dealing damage to them.

Second, Blitzcrank is naturally a tanky champion that can also go for a supportive tank build. With items like Knight’s Vow, for instance, he can also help Cass stay alive for longer during fights.

And third, most important one, Blitz’s Q+E and Q+E+R combos are the ideal setups for Cassiopeia’s damage. When Blitz grabs an enemy champion, knocks them up, and silences them, he gives plenty of time to Cass to cast Q, place down her W, and even cast her R.

In other words, these two champions are a deadly combination.

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2. Zilean


Zilean may not seem like an exceptionally good support pick for Cassiopeia APC but the stats don’t lie. His win rate in partnership with Cass has been extremely high for years simply because of what he enables her to do.

For instance, Zilean’s double-bomb stun can help Cassiopeia put down her Miasma and blast the affected targets with Q and E. But also, Zilean’s E can speed up Cass and allow her to chase down enemies and kill them even when they Flash away.

Not to mention that Zilean’s movement speed bonus is a great tool for running away and preventing the enemy jungler from ganking Cassiopeia.

Lastly, the key thing that Cassiopeia gets from Zilean is his ultimate. With Chronoshift, she’s allowed to make a critical mistake in teamfights and still have a chance to dominate.

She’s a lot bigger threat to the enemy team when she can respawn immediately, so they have to worry way more about stopping her.

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1. Nautilus


And the best support for Cassiopeia regardless of what the enemy team plays is, of course, Nautilus. This champion has little to no weaknesses in the bot lane and he works fantastically well with Cass by his side.

For starters, Nautilus’ hook and root from his passive can land Cassiopeia a kill as soon as level 2. Nautilus is the king of CC and he’s always a threat to the enemy, forcing them to play defensively rather than offensively, which also frees Cass to farm freely early on.

From level 6 onwards, Nautilus can easily single the key target on the enemy team by casting R on them. Once they’re knocked up, he can catch them with Q and auto-attacks and have Cassiopeia follow him for the necessary damage.

The cool thing about Natuilus is that he’s also a great peeler and can help Cass kite in teamfights. His build usually includes items like Knight’s Vow and even Locket of the Iron Solari which can help Cassioepia survive in clutch fights.

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In my personal (but extensive) experience, these 5 champions have given me the most wins when I’ve supported random Cassiopeia players in solo queue. They work because of the obvious synergy between their and Cassioepia’s abilities.

However, you’ll still need to get used to their playstyles and power spikes if you aren’t familiar with them

That said, good luck and have fun out there!

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