Playing Veigar is usually easy for both beginners and advanced League of Legends players. There aren’t too many hidden mechanics that you have to pay attention to.

And unlike Zoe, for example, Veigar has only one combo for one-shotting. However, there are a few Veigar tips and rules that most players forget about!

If you’re a beginner in LoL, these tips for Veigar will make a lot of sense to you. And if you’re experienced, you probably know these guidelines, but you don’t always use them.

So this post is the perfect reminder for you to improve on some of the fundamentals of playing Veigar. 

But before we begin, let me also remind you all about the type of champion Veigar is in League of Legends.

Veigar’s burst is amazing in all stages of the match, especially the late game. And he has unlimited power growth thanks to his passive.

But he is also a squishy champion and has to position very carefully both in 1v1 duels and 5v5 team fights if he wants to survive.

That roughly describes Veigar as a champion. So without further ado, let’s get into the top 10 Veigar tips brought to you by a Diamond+ player!

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Top 10 Diamond Tips for Playing Veigar

10. Always Finish Off Minions With Your Q

This one is straightforward.

The way Veigar’s passive works is by giving him stacks of permanent AP each time he slays a minion with his Q – Baleful Strike.

But since this ability strikes two targets in its line instead of one, you can use it to get two stacks of Phenomenal Evil Power rather than one.

So what should you do here?

Position yourself in a spot where your Q will finish off two minions on low health. This will double the amount of AP you’re getting through your Baleful Strike, so you should always do it!

Veigar tips - always farm with your Q

9. Maximize Your Stacks Early On

Maximizing your AP stacks early in the match is vital for success as Veigar. Other than your Q, your W and your R also grants you a stack of Ability Power but only if you strike a champion.

So what’s the quickest way to gain stacks as Veigar?

You should use your Q for getting stacks from minions and your W and R for getting stacks from champions.

This isn’t always an easy thing to do, but it’s a good concept to chase in every game. Don’t be so passive that you forget to poke your opponent.

And don’t be so offensive to miss out on all the stacks from the dying minions.

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8. Don’t Place Your E Directly on Top of Your Target

This is one of the most important Veigar tips. But it’s also one of the most common mistakes that Veigar players do, at least in the lower elo.

How should you position your E as Veigar?

Always follow the direction your enemy is moving. However, try to place your E a bit “off-side” to give your enemy no chance of escaping.

The idea here is to time the appearance of Veigar’s E with the position your opponent will be in. You don’t just trap them inside because they can either Flash away or move to dodge your W. Instead, you want to stun every time.

So try to confuse your enemy by placing your cage a bit off to the side.

7. Use Your E to Discourage the Enemy Jungler

Although Veigar’s E is considered an offensive ability, there are many situations in which you can use it defensively.

For example, you can place the cage around Veigar to stop the enemy jungler from attacking you. This works especially well against melee junglers, such as Lee Sin, Trundle, or Sejuani. 

So, it’s good to save your E and not use it for trading with your lane opponent. And when the jungler comes for a gank, place the ring near you and walk through it.

Most players aren’t willing to stun themselves on purpose!

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6. Use Your W Immediately After Your E

Veigar’s W – Dark Matter isn’t an instant spell. Instead, it has a delay of 1.2 seconds before it lands and strikes your enemy. And it’s very difficult to aim!

So what do Veigar mains usually do?

They activate Veigar’s W instantly after pressing their E button. And this does two things. First, it makes your enemy panic, often forcing him to hit the wall. And second, it makes your burst much quicker. 

So rather than waiting on the stun from your E, you should immediately use your W. And even if you don’t miss your enemy, you’ll probably stun him! That’s why one of the best Veigar tips!

Veigar tips - Using W immediately after E

5. Poke Your Lane Opponent with Q

Beginner Veigar players often misunderstand Baleful Strike. This ability grants a stack of Phenomenal Evil Power when you slay a minion AND when you hit a champion. So, you can double the effect!

If you cast your Q so it passes through a minion and hits an enemy champion, you still get two stacks of AP. This works similarly to Lux’s Q, so you can use it to safely poke your lane opponent.

It definitely takes a bit of practice to learn this tip, but it’s worth it!

4. Be Flexible With Your Skill Order

Veigar isn’t the most complicated champion, but you shouldn’t have one playstyle for every match. And that’s also true for the skill order.

Although you always want to max your Q on Veigar, you can choose whether to max W or E second.

Generally, you want to max your W second when you’re offensive Veigar build. But you want your E maxed out second when you’re playing a support Veigar and you’re focusing more on utility.

Always think about what you need more in the mid game, damage or crowd control!

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3. Don’t Position Too Offensively in Team Fights

Veigar tips - don't position too offensively in a team fight

Positioning is an advanced topic in League of Legends. But one of the best Veigar tips that I can give you is to never go too far away from your team.

You are a squishy champion and can’t duel most champions. Instead, play Veigar as a supportive mage!

In team fights, always try to be around your tanks and supports. They can peel and kite for you, as well as allow you to place your cage in the middle of the fight.

Try to set up kills by helping your entire team with damage and CC and don’t put them in trouble by staying alone!

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2. Hide Your E in the Fog of War

Making Veigar’s E invisible isn’t an easy thing to do either. It’s all about taking advantage of the fog of war. But you have to know how the fog of war appears for your enemies in a particular spot on the map.

For example, if you put your E in the passage between the river and the blue buff, the enemies that are coming from the tri-bush won’t be able to see it.

They will immediately get stunned if they try to pass through. And the fog of war completely hides the Veigar’s E animation.

1. Never Use Your Ultimate on the Tank

And perhaps the best among the Veigar tips is – never use your ultimate on the tank! Just don’t. It’s always a waste, no matter how fed you are.

Tanks are incredibly difficult to bring down as a mage, so you’re better off focusing on the other targets.

So how should you use your ultimate instead?

Always use it on squishy targets, such as assassins, marksmen, or other mages! This rule applies no matter whether the target is already damaged or not.

Veigar’s ultimate deals great damage even if you cast it on an ADC with full Health. It’s likely to bring them to half HP at least, allowing your team to quickly eliminate them.

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Conclusion on the Top 10 Veigar Tips

As I stated earlier, these 10 tips are great for both beginners and experienced Veigar players. They focus on the very fundamentals of this champion.

And if you practice them, you’ll significantly improve at carrying as Veigar.

These 10 tips are what really made me understand Veigar and helped me climb to Diamond numerous times. I hope they help you too!

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